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Wii pal resolution
Wii pal resolution

Wii pal resolution

Download Wii pal resolution

Download Wii pal resolution

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Little did I know that 480P is actually the NTSC screen resolution, and Okay everyone, to clear things up - the PAL Wii will output at 480p with

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Dec 5, 2012 - "Important AV options are omitted from the Wii menu, with the PAL console unable to upscale to HD resolutions or run in progressive scan over Dec 5, 2012 - While the site champions Nintendo's handling of classic Wii games, it has found that while NTSC titles upscale to HD resolution, PAL games Aug 15, 2011 - I played the PAL Wii version through first and acquired the NTSC GCN lines of horizontal resolution whereas PAL has 576 horizontal lines,

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Dec 14, 2006 - I finally got my component cables for the Wii yesterday! It's a shame they don't support 576p for extra resolution, but at 50Hz it would be I'm sorry but gamecube games on wii can't be played in 480p resolution, they only go up to 576i. Yes they can, it just depends if they support What is the difference between nintendo wii PAL and NTSC? I want to NTSC=640*480 while PAL=720*576 in terms of resolution. PAL runs576i the PAL standard is a higher resolution then 480p right? I've just switched my Wii settings to this and the picture quality has improved a bit and Wii games that aren't supported by HDTV/EDTV when played on However NTSC (720x480, 480i) has a lower resolution than PAL

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